Friday, 11 April 2014

Napton Fri 11 April 2014

When we got back to the boat last night and opened the doors you don’t know how good it felt to feel the warmth hit you after 3 nights with no heating whilst being blacked.

This morning we had an early call, the boat behind started their engine at 6-15 am but they did leave about 6-30. The marina is filling up with boats for the shared ownership show and we met more on their way.

We left the moorings at 10 and stopped by the Stophouse for water. Diana then took the car to Napton while I moved the boat up, it was a grand morning for boating and I saw a couple of boaters that I knew so was able to exchange greetings as we passed. I Also saw my first ducklings of the year, all 12 0f them. I know lots of other boaters have already seen some about.DSCF4954  Diana was waiting at Flecknoe and joined me for coffee before taking the car to Napton, giving me a wave at as I went under bridge 104 at Shuckburgh. It was on this stretch where a Cob Swan took a dislike to us passing his nest, he was chasing a boat coming towards us but changed his attention to us when we came along and made sure I kept going until passed his wife and nest.DSCF4961

We were mooring a short way before Wigrams turn to meet up with Prairie Crocus and Fair Fa for the night. Fair Fa was already there when I arrived but I continued on to pick up Diana nearer Wigrams Turn and then come back to join them arriving at the same time as Prairie Crocus, so that is us until the morning.

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