Sunday, 6 April 2014

Braunston Sunday 6 April 2014

Bit of a late start today not moving off until 11am. Diana took the car to Flecknoe to meet me for lunch. I timed my departure badly as a boat pulled away ahead of me as I dropped our mooring. This was to result in us being in a convoy all the way to Braunston. The journey of seven and a half miles being completed at an average speed of 2.7 MPH not one of my fastest trips.

Diana parked the car ay Flecknoe and walked back to meet me and we had more than enough time to have dinner and a coffee before dropping her back off at the car.

Once in Braunston I moored just before Butchers bridge right in front of Levick. Asking Michael if he had seen Diana I was informed she was on board drinking tea. A short while later Prairie Crocus came by so we all joined them in the marina for something a little stronger. As we entered the marina we unfortunately barged into an internment ceremony as they buried the ashes of an old boater in the marina gardens.

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