Sunday, 13 April 2014

Banbury Sunday 13 April 20114

We made an early start for us this morning just after 8 am. and were soon into the Claydon flight which were against us. The lock cottage is up for sale again for £320,000 full details here. At the middle lock we met a boat coming up so we thought things may improve, however the next lock was half empty and someone left in front of us before the next lock. so they were all against us to Cropredy, even though we did meet a few boats. There use to be a museum at Claydon that closed down several years ago, I often wonder what happened to it, did it become a private collection or was it all sold off?

Shortly after the Claydon flight between Elkingtons Lock and Varneys Lock there is an old boat sunk, Last time we came this way it was in the same spot but floating, having just been pumped out. In the hold there are musical instruments, speakers, a geny and other stuff all getting ruined. I was surprised its not been pinched or vandalised.DSCF4977No sign of the canoeists in Cropredy but we did have the odd one slip between us and other boats of cross our bow to pass on the wrong side. We did come across a bunch of them at Bourton Lock.DSCF4980 We stopped in Banbury to top up with water and food supplies before continuing out of town to moor for the night just through Haynes Lift Bridge.

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