Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Calcutt Wednesday 2 April 2014

We start this posting with that famous statement “We are back on the boat again”. We dove over leaving home this morning in the sun shine and hitting the rain at Daventry.

First job on the list was to pay the landlord for the next 3 months moorings and then off down to the boat. We moved out of the arm and down to the lock landing to load up, finally getting away a little before3 pm. It was still just raining and a boat had gone down the flight ahead of us, so we all know what that means, every lock will be empty. Some of the bottom gates are leaking really badly now and a couple swung open after we had left. The first pound was down by 6” and further down it was about a foot. One from the bottom and we met a boat coming up, so that was one lock we didn’t have to close and one we didn’t have to open.

The plan was to moor at the bottom of the flight and in the morning take the car to Calcutt as we are going there for a 4 year BSC inspection Friday and then Braunston for blacking next week so the car will be handy. But like most of our plans they don’t last long, so we kept going to Wigrams turn where we went left and we are now moored at Calcutt. we will return to the Folly on Friday and walk up to fetch the car which we will move down to Braunston so that we have it for next week.

We are moored just before the top lock getting here about twenty passed five, at long last the air is clearing and the sun edging through, there was not sufficient rain to wash it clean this afternoon. Lets hope tomorrow is better. What we will do tomorrow I don’t know, but we have to be back here first thing Friday morning with our fingers crossed.

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