Friday, 4 April 2014

GU Napton Friday 4 April 2014

We had a bit of rain last night after we went to bed and the atmosphere seemed much better for it this morning.

This morning we were away at 9am and into the marina mooring up by the pump out station ready for our 9 30 am appointment with Roger Preen to do out Boat Safety examination. This is required every 4 years and I am pleased to say that Harnser passed.
While we were in the marina there was a company carrying out electric fishing in the marina, when they had finished here they went off down the canal.DSCF4893

Leaving the marina we turned right up the locks where we topped up the water before walking back to the marina to pay the bill and pick up the paperwork, we should receive a certificate of some kind in the post after its all been entered on the BSC computer system.

Calcutt Marina have a handy little push tug that they use for collecting broken down boats etc.DSCF4896

We are now kicking our heals again for a couple of days before we go into the dry dock, so at Napton Junction we turned left and carried on for about a mile before mooring for the night.
We had not been here long before we were joined by Maffi and his little dog Molly who joined us for a mug of tea, Molly was a bitDSCF4903 put out there were no biscuits on offer but soon settled on the floor beside Diana’s chair. We put the world right for a while before bidding them farewell.

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Anne / Olly said...

Give Maffi and the lovely Milly our best. Enjoy keeping up with your doings. All up in the air again here....xx