Saturday, 5 April 2014

Napton Folly Saturday 5 April 2014

Well we have done all of 3.75 miles today. We left at 10 and headed towards Braunston until we reached bridge 107 where we winded. It was then a matter of retracing out steps to Napton turn and continue south on the Oxford canal towards the Folly.

At The Folly winding hole we turned and then reversed back towards the locks managing to moor in the last spot before the water point. It took us all of one and three quarter hours, so I am now sitting with the engine running to finish charging the batteries. Diana has just set off up the flight on foot to retrieve the car and do a bit of shopping before bringing down this end. Tomorrow we will take both the boat and car to Braunston as the boat goes in for blacking on Monday morning.

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