Monday 27 October 2008

Working on Harnser

Date -26/10/08Day - Sunday We drove over to the boat today to spend a few days doing jobs that need doing before Christmas, The main one being relining the lounge galley doors.When we arrived I switched the power on and the domestic voltage only showed 22.7 Volts so it looks like we have a cell gone short circuit. I ran the engine to check they weren't just flat, I always leave them fully charged. The voltage was up to 27 volts in minutes and the current not excessive. Once I stopped the engine it wasn't long before they were down to 23 V again and by this morning were about 22.5V so I will try to get a new battery on the way home via Bishops Stortford.Monday I stripped the old door linings off, the "GripFill" had made a first class job of sticking the ply to the steel but the plywood had delaminate from the bottom. I made new liners for the starboard side from PVC boarding that they use for house facia boards. I found that this can be worked very well using a router. The board is 10mm thick and I am mounting it on 9 mm battens glued to the steel door. Once these were made up I had to treat the inside of the steel with "rust killer" The door on the port side was in much better condition and harder to remove.Tomorrow I will paint the inside of the steel and then glue in the liners.
Also on the list to-do are new fixing bolts for the hatch runners, new wind horns, the sun has made the old ones disintegrate, re-tap all the holes for fixings that I removed to treat the localised rusting. and anything else that comes up.--