Sunday 13 February 2022

Sunday 13 Feb Bradley Green

Well it was a filthy drive up the M6 with lots of spray, thankfully is was very light rain when we arrived at the marina. We were surprised to find Harnser on her proper moorings, Last time we returned there was a boat on our moorings and we moored on the adjacent pontoon and emailed the marina to let them know what happened. I thought they were going to leave us where we were but they have moved us back over and there is another boat where we were, I don’t know what happened to the one in our spot.
Once onboard the water was recommissioned first then the stove fired up, then we had lunch before unloading the car.
We set off at about 2pm.leaving the marina and turning right, we had planned to go the other way but Minworth locks are closed so this is our proposed route. https://canalplan.uk/journey/16752_cp
Passing Pooley Country park a boater leaned out and said “Your the first today” my reply was “I wonder why”. Needless we didn’t see another boat on the move in the cold, windy rain. Our plan was to go up a couple of locks to moor but due to the weather we decided to stop just below.

Todays Journey Map13
Todays Journey 5 miles no locks in 1¾ hour

To see a map of the first half of our journey click HERE. For the second half click HERE and a Google map will open