Thursday 8 January 2015

Not a Trip but Information

Some time ago I posted in one of my Blogs that Tony Redshaw well know engineer of vintage engines was no longer trading in Braunston.
Today I was contacted by Paul Redshaw who informed me that they had indeed left Braunston because they were unable to renew their lease beside the Grand Union canal after the site was sold.
He was also able to tell me that they had not moved far, only to Daventry where they are still trading and that their new address is :-

Unit 13, Riley Close.
Royal Oak Ind Est.
NN11 8QT

Telephone 01327 700219

They also have a web site

Friday 2 January 2015

Friday 2 January 2015 Kings Bromley marina

What a difference a few hours can make to the weather. We went to bed about midnight and it was still 11°C outside, blowing a gale, raining and the barometer dropping back. Got up this morning the sun was shining, the pressure back up, no wind but the temperature had fallen to 5°C and a blue sky as you can see from Shugborough Hall.DSCF7999

We set off just after 10 am. expecting Colwich lock to be against us, but the top gate leaks so much it was full, Rick had gone down an hour before with his coal boat.
We only met a couple of boats today and stopped to fill up with water at Rugeley. Here we were adopted by a ginger cat, it was obviously very use to boats walking the gunwale and knowing where the doors to get into the boat would be. I wonder if a boater has lost a cat in the area as the poor thing was quite thin. As we pulled away making sure that puss was on the bank Rick pulled in behind us and puss was on his boat before he had stepped ashore.

By now it was clouding over, feeling cooler and the wind was freshening. Passing through Handsacre a pair of swans were making a start on their nest in front of the houses, it looks like a regular nesting spot.

It was good to see that the fallen tree had been completely removed between bridge 55 and the marina entrance, for once I made a perfect entry, no one to see it of course. Once in the marina we winded and had a pump out, can’t complain, its the first time its been done this year, then off to our berth, as soon as I started to turn round to back into our slot the wind picked up just to make it interesting. needles to say within an hour of mooring up the wind had died away to nothing.

Today’s Journeymap 12 10½ miles, 1 lock in 4½ hours.

Looking at our log last year we spent 176 day on Harnser, that is just short of 6 months.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Thursday 1 January 2015 Gt Haywood

Firstly this is the first blog of the year and I would like to wish you all a happy New Year. Diana and I saw the New Year in by ourselves on Harnser, there were a few local fireworks we could see but it was mainly the BBC and London display. The night was quite warm and raining so this morning there was no ice where we were moored.

Following the late night we didn’t rise to early and heard a boat go by at about 9 am. at 9-30 am the boat ahead set off and we followed at 10 am.  It wasn’t long before we were encountering thin ice, about ¼” and a little later about ½” but it was all broken by the boat ahead.

Passing the houses half way to Aston Lock this family of Swans were looking for their breakfast,  I would guess the householder feeds them regularly. One of the adults remained in the canal.DSCF7983

As we locked down Aston Lock two boats caught up with us, this was the start of a busy day and we have seen over a dozen boats on the move. The sky was very dark and rain was forecast for later so we expected to get wet. The temperature was in double figures but even so as we headed south there was still snow on some of the hills. When we reached Sandon Lock we caught up with the boat that had been moored ahead of us, he had got fed up breaking ice and pulled over so a following boat could take over. It was here that we met our first boat who approached the lock just as the boat ahead was leaving.

In the blog of the 22 December I promised a better photo of the floating duck house in the pond. DSCF7993This is the one tethered on an overhead cable.

We passed a field of fine Long Horned cattle who were just watching the world go by.

Along this stretch of canal there are quite a few white geese in the fields, this one was showing the classic signs of Angel Wing. There is a strong feeling this can be due to the type of food they eat, but one would expect the whole field full to be feed the same.DSCF7997

Although the actual temperature was between 12 and 14°C all day it felt much cooler than previous days but thankfully the rail held off. Approaching Hoo Mill lock we met a boat and arriving at the lock another was getting ready to come out, we thought it strange that the two chaps working the lock didn’t hop on, but there were actually two more boats below the lock waiting to come up.

We pulled over for water in Gt Haywood before continuing through the village and dropping down through Haywood lock to look for somewhere to moor for the night, we finally pulled in just passed bridge 72A where there are open views of Shugborough Hall, not that we wanted to look at the Hall but I try my hardest to avoid mooring near trees at any time and especially when its windy, by now the wind had picked up considerably, so much so that I had to help Diana moor the bows of the boat as she couldn’t hold it in and fit the piling hook.
We had not been here many minutes and it started to rain and the wing has also increased quite a bit.

This years Journeymap 11 5 Locks, 1 Junction, 9½ Miles in 4¼ hours.