Friday 13 November 2009

Stockton to Napton

Fri 13 Nov
Last night as planned we went to The Boat to eat. They are offering a deal of 2 courses for £5 Monday to Friday, we didn't partake of this but ordered from the regular menu. The rain eased during the evening but had returned by bedtime. 
This morning when we woke up it was still raining but that soon changed and the cruise from Stockton to Calcutt was quite pleasant. We topped the diesel tank up at Calcutt Marina at 67 p/lt. We then continued up the flight to fill with water. The water gauge I fitted earlier this week was indicating empty just as the pump started to suck air, so the calibration was spot on. Just as we were leaving the water point in the rain two boats were leaving the top lock, but we were just ahead of them as I didn't want to end up following them up the Napton Flight. At Napton Junction we turned right along the South Oxford as did the boat following us, but they then turned into Napton Marina. The Napton flight were all with us. We stopped in the top lock to unload the boat to the car and while we were their, one of our fellow moorers was unloading a new fridge from his car, so we took it up to the moorings on our front deck.
We are now back home in Suffolk listening to the wind picking up.

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Elaine and Paul said...

Many thanks for visiting our blog (nb escapology)
I have also added your weather website recommendation to my favorites - looks good will give it a try next time we intend to set out.
We travelled up the Ashby last month and also noted the newly painted Ashby boats! Had a great trip.
Hope to see you on the cut - i'll keep my eyes peeled.
All the best Paul (& Elaine)