Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tuesday 27 April Long Itchington

We had a late start today as there were one or two jobs I wanted to do in the engine room and its more comfortable with the engine cold, consequently it was ten to eleven before we got away and we had not seen a single boat on the move.
Between where we had moored and the first lock we met a pair of boats, and the next lock a single was coming down and at the lock after that another single coming our way. At Fosse bottom we met a pair and another pair following them in the next pound. After that it all went quite again. We stopped for lunch just above Welsh Road lock as we are well ahead of schedule, we need to be at Calcutt first thing Thursday morning for our BSS inspection. After a leisurely lunch when I primed some more of the roof where the paint is bubbling off we set of towards Long Itchington. We met a single Ownerships boat above Bascote bottom lock where I tried to find out the latest on the Ownerships sager that is being talked about on the internet without and luck. On the approach to the next lock was a boat moored on the lock moorings, I expected it to be a hire boat but I was wrong, it was a boat from a privately run shared ownership syndicate.
As we left the second lock of the Bascote lock a hire boat was just entering the top of the staircase and Diana went ahead so that we could go into the bottom chamber which was empty before they dropped the top chamber into it. It worked well and we passed in the staircase saving time and quite a bit of water. From here we chugged slowly on the the mooring rings at Long Itchington arriving about 3-30.
As I type this the hire boat that we spent yesterday with has just gone by, they did manage to see Warwick Castle but didn't have time to go in, they have to be back at Nuneaton Thursday night.

I don't know when you will get to read this as this is the first time for months that I have not been able to get a 3 signal, I will post it as soon as I can.

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