Thursday, 29 September 2011

Off to the Nene day 8

Last night we walked into town wit the view to eating at Weatherspoons, however when we arrived it was pretty full so we looked elsewhere and ended up in Hubs Place. The menu was fine but we didn’t think the fresh vegetables really came up to scratch.

This morning started faster than planned, I had a call from my sister saying that our mother had had a suspected stroke, luckily it turned out to be a false alarm and the problem was her diabetes and sugar levels, but we decided we would head home anyway.

Last time we passed through Whittlesey lock we were unable to operate one of the bottom paddles or “slackers” so I emailed the Middle Level Commissioners and received the reply that they would investigate, well they did come and look and left the equivalent of a BW Aware notice on it, in this case a note in felt tip pen on the back of a site safety assessment sheet saying its broken stuck on with insulating tape.

The water was very clear and we were able to see the fish happily swimming around until a small pike wanted a late breakfast.

We saw quite a few boats on the move, well a lot for the Middle Level with 5 coming by while we were packing the boat up. We left the boat at about half one and called in to see mum on our way home, who by now was feeling much better.

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