Saturday, 2 July 2016

Saturday 2 July 2016 Samuel Barlow

This morning we were heading for The Samuel Barlow at Alvecote, we passed there yesterday afternoon, but as the canal is about 25ft wide and we are 57ft long we need to travel in the wrong direction for ¾ hour to turn round.

We left a few minuets after ten, the sun was almost shining and it was not quite raining O and the wind was picking up, a normal summers day.

We passed a stunning field of poppies on the outskirts of Polesworth on the side of a gentle slope with the railway in the background.DSCF4783 Diana winded the boat again and we were soon retracing our path. At Grendon Dock it just shows how boats live on.DSCF4790 Between here and Polesworth there is the home of Polesworth Motocross, a hill racing circuit and they were hard at work preparing the surface, so I expect they will be racing tomorrow.DSCF4799

Also at Polesworth is the old home of Lee and Atkins with a small plaque to show where it was, the land is now all housing.DSCF4800

At this point we pass last nights moorings and continue on for another hour and a quarter to arrive at The Samuel Barlow to help Allen and Debbie on Keeping Up celebrate not only Keeping Up’s 25 birthday but also their ruby wedding anniversary.

Today’s Journey  map 6 6¾ miles in 2¼ hours

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