Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A short visit to Debdale

Not a trip by boat but we visited Debdale today to see how David and Russell are getting on with Harnser. We left Suffolk in bright,warm sunshine after last nights mist are gone, but half way along the A14 the mist returned and the temperature dropped to below 3 deg.C and when we arrived at Debdale the marina was covered in a thin sheet of ice.

Inside the nice warm paint dock we found David and his son putting the first gloss coat on the roof, the main panels on the side are finished as are the handrails. Both look very smart but I do wonder how I will get on with a shiny boat. After talking to Dave it was off to Gumley for dinner at the Bell. Last time we visited for lunch there were only 4 of us eating, today it was packed and people were waiting for tables.

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