Saturday, 21 February 2009

100 yards in 2 days

Dave rang us to tell us that Harnser would be finished on Monday Feb 9th. There was only a couple of problems, one of our cars was in the garage being repaired and the other decided to come up with a suspension alarm and the Citroen garage couldn't look at it until Tuesday, but by then the other car should be back. so we would be a day late, no problem. Then due to the bad weather they were unable to get the spare parts for no 1 car and no 2 would take more than a day. To cut a long frustrating story short we finally got no 1 car back at 5 pm on Wednesday 11th. and set off straight to Market Harborough to spend the night in the Premier inn. Thursday morning at 9 am saw us outside Dave's paint shop with the wonderful news that there was little chance getting out today with the ice. The day was not wasted and I started refitting all the fitting I had remover. By 3 pm Dave confirmed there was no chance of moving and we booked another night in the Premier inn.

Friday morning back to the marina, things had improved a bit but there was still a couple of inches of ice but at least you could poke a hole in it with a pole so things were looking up.  Around lunch time the boat that went for a pump out and broke the ice when we wanted to come in decided he required diesel, so we all helped him out and he made a grand job of breaking the ice in the main body of the marina. This allowed us to get out at last and "borrow" the mooring of the next boat in the paint shop. Hence our 100 yards in two days. I then went to the marina office and arranged a temporary mooring for the following week as the canal was still solid with ice and the boat was going nowhere. We however were off to see my grandchildren over in Gloucestershire. 

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