Friday, 4 September 2009

IWA National back to Napton


Last night we had an Indian Take away onboard, They offer "free delivery" but 10% discount if you collect. It seemed to offset the "Free Delivery" a bit.
We heard a boat go by quite early this morning and then another, who we shared with at 8-30 am. We were ready to go but the dog wasn't as he didn't oblige on doing what a dog should do on his morning walk, so it was 9 am. before we set off alone with all the locks against us. We caught the boat up that left half an hour before us in Leicester and shared with them all the way to Kilby Bridge where we moored at 4-30 pm. The weather has been very showery and quite cool. Once in Leicester we met a couple of boats so we then had a few locks with us, but it didn't last very long. The pound below Kilby Bridge Lock was very low and I was well aground a good four feet from the towing path bank at the lock moorings, requiring quite a bit of shoving on the pole to get free. Most of the locks along this section are secured with a BW padlock and chain, we found several cases where the lock staple had been chopped through by someone.
The Soar has its fair share of Floating Penny Wort and BW have been treating this with an approved chemical weed killer, this looked to have worked in places where the Penny Wort had yellowed and was dyeing off, but there are lots of places where it has not worked at all or the patches were missed because there is still a lot of bright green leaves about with no sign of yellowing.

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