Friday, 4 September 2009

IWA National back to Napton


Last night the weather was to say the least unpleasant, with high winds and rain. Today wasn't to bad with not much rain but lots of wind. We pushed off at 10 am.  and found most of the pounds very low with most of the top gates wide open. Closing these gates when leaving the locks was sometimes impossible as the strong winds soon opened them again, but one or two with low pounds above them did stay shut, due to leaking bottom gates if you took the trouble to bring them both together. We did meet 3 boats in the course of the day but with boats going up just ahead of us this didn't help much as the next lock up was always against us and they were just too far ahead for us to see them. At Pywell's Lock there was a BW work boat using a majority of the lock moorings, it wasn't as if it was being used but just sitting there all locked up, in the way. We moored for the night just over Smeeton Aqueduct opposite the feeder arm behind our friends on nb. Treivalic at 3-30 pm.

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