Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bridge Inn to Braunston 24 6 10

It was quite hot last night and we went to bed with the slides and side hatches open, the dawn was glorious, I can see why some people set off very early in the morning.

We were away at about 8 am with a light breeze and warm sun, we saw several boats on the move and as we passed the puddle bank we were in a convoy of 4. The old sunken working boat on the puddle banks has still not been totally lifted, the bows are above the water level and there are several pump on her none of which were running. This has been going on for an awfully long time now with a flat moored on the out side of her and a short tug inside.

At Braunston Turn we turned left along the North Oxford and stopped opposite Draco to take on water, while I was filling up Diana walked along to find the end of all the moored boats, as luck would have it a boat was about to leave just by the A 45 bridge so we made do with half a tank of water and filled the vacant spot. We are a little bit venerable to boats speeding through the bridge hole, but with all the boats moored the other side of the bridge hopefully they wont be travelling   to fast.

Once moored we walked back and had a chat with Mike and Krystyna before returning to Harnser for lunch.

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