Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday 28 June 2010

During the evening last night we has several boats that had been at Braunston come past us,we even had 3 at midnightish. I am surprised that we didn't get any later as it was a full moon and wonderful conditions for night boating.
After a trip down the weed hatch to extract a complete narrowboat window seal from round the prop we were off at quarter past nine. We met several more working boats in the course of the day including a pair working on a short line and also the steam boat Laplander. The resulting hoots,whistles and pips didn't do much to calm the dogs at Clifton Narrowboats. Talking of Clifton Narrowboats I see that some of their boats are now display a second licence saying "Authorised Hire Boat" I have not seen this before.

We stopped for diesel at Lime Farm Marina to top up with diesel at 74p/120p per litre, its the first time we have ever called in here and they seemed very friendly folk with a pair of large Rotweilers to alert them of visiting craft.

We had planned to moor at Braunston overnight with the view to doing a pump out etc in the morning,however when we arrived at Braunston we found it choker block, so we did the pump out this evening,we always carry a token to use in the Marina pump out machine so we can use it outside normal working hours, unfortunately we were unable to buy a new spare,so we must make sure we get one next time out.We then continued along the Puddle Banks towards Napton finally mooring for the night just beyond bridge 100

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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Every hire boat which has a renewed licence from 1 April has a "pleasure" licence and an add on "hire" licence. Within 12 months they will all look like that.

It is the intention that within the following 12 months all other boats will renew their licences in a similar way.

Every boat will have the same base licence for "pleasure" and any boat doing anything more than pleasure will have an additional licence covering that. We will have a "pleasure" and a "small trader" licence.