Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Newbold Tuesday 4 March 2014

Last night was very still and cold, this led us to having a disturbed night, I woke coughing and put it down to my state of health, but Diana was coughing as well. In the end we decided it was fumes from someone else's stove coming into the boat, probably when they banked it up before going to bed. After a while it cleared and we went off to sleep.

We got up to another spring like day except the paths where white with frost, it dropped to -2° overnight.

Another session  down the weed hatch before setting off, this time only white polly, not so strong as the yellow. Note the glove.DSCF4780 It did leak a bit and my hand was just wet but my arm was dry.

Ten fifteen and we were away, through the junction and into the lock. If anyone requires any mooring pins etc. there is a Blacksmith moored by the junction. I am not sure if he tows the butty or pushes the larger boat with it as they are connected together rigidly.DSCF4782 

CaRT have taken the toll house back to use, for a while this was an outpost of the Coventry Police.

Back on the N Oxford the flooding on the fields is much worse than it was last week.DSCF4790

Just beyond Ansty we passed a CaRT work boat and instead of blue string chafing though on the piling edge they have rope and hooks. I wonder how long before people start pinching them?DSCF4794

We called in for diesel at Lime Farm, I have not bought any from them for a while and wasn’t that low, but as we were passing and they were open we filled up at 84p/lt. Then on through Newbold Tunnel, there are only tree lights working now, which doesn’t bother me at all, tunnels should be dark. However I did notice on the tunnel information board that it now says to contact CaRT in an emergency please ring 0303 0404040 I shill have not had this confirmed by CaRT that  has replaced the old 0800 4799947 number. Watch this space.DSCF4800 On there mooring information board they still tell you to ring 100 and ask for Freephone Canals which I thought was discontinued years ago.DSCF4798

It was just on 3pm when we moored up still in the sunshine on the visitor moorings at Newbold for the night.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a CO detector in the bedroom? Having one elsewhere won't help if the fumes are coming in through the window. Just a thought with the recent death Maffi and others reported. And does the other boat have one?

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by https://www.waterwayroutes.co.uk said...

My CO monitor is in the most likely area from where I get CO generated, between the galley and the bed room.

It is unlikely we would become overcome by CO as it would be well diluted before it reaches us. As to the other boats I don't have a clue

Maffi said...

0303 is the number I always use to report problems it really is free on a mobile.

I have two CO monitors.

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by https://www.waterwayroutes.co.uk said...

I am in communication with CaRT about it. My guess someone was sent out with a bag of stickers and stuck on on every telephone number they saw. The 0303 number is only answered in office hours.