Sunday 27 March 2016

Gt Haywood Saturday 19 March 2016

We we got a surprise last night when we returned from the restaurant, The Fair had gone to bed and it was only 9pm. we were expecting heavy base music until 11pm. at least on a Friday night. 

We left this morning just after 10 am heading south back towards our mooring, on the way we passed the fair.DSCF4024

It wasn’t quite so cold today and we had an uneventful trip. We caught up with a boat just passed Aston Marina so all the locks were against us, as we passed the marina a boat was about to leave and they followed us, we were all well spaced but caught each other up and lent a hand at the locks.

Last time we were this way CRT Volunteers were out planting daffodils at the back of the towpath, just a few are coming into flower, but they were a bit late getting them in the ground.DSCF4026 The crazy Cob was ready for me at Western and as soon as he saw us approach he flew to meet us, his attack didn’t last so long

this time, well he had tackled several boats today already and the one in front of us had a small dog so that got extra attention.

One thing I saw today was a swan eating a drowned lamb, something I hadn’t witnessed before. When we reached Hoo Mill lock there were 4 boats below the lock waiting to come up. We continued through Gt Haywood and down through Haywood lock to moor opposite Shugborough Hall at about 4.20 pm.
I am pleased to report that Shugborough Hall no longer has a lake like last time we were here when the Trent was in flood.DSCF4033 There has been a continuous stream of young people walking by, it seems that 400 Scouts are doing a 40 mile walk today, we can see them walking up the lane to Shugborough Hall and then they are joining the tow path and walking towards Rugeley but still have a long way to go.

Diana went for a walk while I fitted a new horn. In the past I have always had a pair of wind horns, but they are plastic and degrade in the sun so I have changed them for a metal Truck Horn, it runs from the same small compressor but has a much deeper note.

Today’s Journey  map 3

10 miles, 1 junction, 5 locks in 4¼ hours

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