Sunday 27 March 2016

King’s Bromley Sunday 20 March 2016

It was quite dark and the walkers were still coming by, they had to be at Beaudesert Scout Campsite by 1am this morning. 

This morning it was a leisurely start just after 10am. and down to Colwich lock, I am pleased to report that the cow pats are starting to build up, so clean your boots before going inside.

Bishton Hall was looking grand in the morning sun.DSCF4037

We stopped at Taft Bridge to top the diesel tank up ready for our next trip. This is the cheapest outlet in the area so they always get my business when we pass. Just opposite the diesel boat someone is fitting out an old working boat which looks as it will be trading as a trip boat.

DSCF4043 DSCF4042 DSCF4041

It was a good job that Rugeley Power Station is still operational as there was nothing being produced by all the wind turbines and I would guess that was probably country wide.DSCF4040 We stopped at Tesco to stock up with bulkier items ready for next trip. The railings have been replaced along the top of the bank behind the towpath so no more just nipping down the bank with shopping, its back to using the official path by the bridge.DSCF4047

I was more than impressed with this garden seat standing out on the decking at one of the canal side houses we passed but I wouldnt want to sit in it without the cushions.DSCF4048

The birds of pray were in their Avery's when we passed but as I thought the one nearest the canal is not home to a bird but ferrets, I thought I had caught a glimpse of one some time back but today I got a photo.DSCF4051

We were going to fill with water at Armitage but the boat in front pulled in, so we continued onwards. I had to wait for a boat to exit Armitage Tunnel, but it was only a few minutes. They have painted about half the length of the railings under the tunnel, I wouldn’t want them doing any painting for me and do wonder if work of this quality is of any value to CRT.DSCF4058 If anyone is looking to buy a business the Plum Pudding is up for sale, I would think it is probably quite a good business with the chalet park right behind it and stand on a main road, just a pity there is no where convenient to moor to visit.DSCF4060 Last photo of the trip, this boat had to wait for me to come through a bridge and I was taken by the jaws painted on the bow at the waterline. The reflection providing the bottom row of teeth.DSCF4061

It wasn’t long before we were back in our berth, the weather today had been much better as was the first day, but the two in the middle where chilly to say the least, but it did stay dry.

Today’s Journey map 4

10 miles and 1 Lock in 4 hours.

This trip we have done 40 miles, 12 locks in 16¼ hours over 4 days.

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