Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Anderton Tuesday 21March 2017

Well after all the rain, it was still raining when we went to bed , this morning was blue sky and sunshine but a tad cool. The Swans opposite were hard at work nest building, the husband collecting the material and the wife putting it in place.
We timed our departure to arrive at Preston Brook Tunnel at half past ten, didn't quite get it right and we were there about four minutes early so thought it best to wait. Diana and Chris decided to walk all three tunnels today so I dropped them off and headed through waiting for them again the other side. Dutton lock was with us but we still needed to open both bottom gates to get in, on leaving a hire boat was coming towards us so we were able to leave the single top gate open for them. 
We stopped for lunch a short way before Saltersford Tunnel again timing our departure to arrive at the tunnel mouth at one thirty. The fields between the canal and the Weaver are holding a lot of water at the moment.
Saltersford Tunnel is quite twisty and often you cant see light at the far end.
It wasn't long before Diana and Chris caught up with us at the other end, I hadn't even pulled into the side before they came walking down.
We had been told there was a good Co-op in Barnton so we moored just by road bridge 202 so the ladies could get a few bits and pieces, it would have only been half the walk if we had gone on to the footbridge. From here it was only a short hop to our overnight mooring outside the Anderton Lift visitor centre.
Today's Journey  
8.7 miles, 1 lock, 1 junction,3 tunnels in 3 hours 40 minutes.

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