Monday, 27 May 2019

Monday 27 May 2019 Anderton

Day : Monday
Date : 27 May 2017
Start : Northwich Drydock
Finish : Anderton Boat Lift

Well we woke before the alarm went off to a sunny morning so we were on our way by 7-30. The traffic was light with no hold ups so including a stop we were at the yard by 1 pm. When we arrived Steve was still working on Harnser, he still had the Cutweb spider web to paint on the bows, so we left him to it and headed to tow for a new radio aerial, luckily Steve said "what's this hole in the roof for" I had forgotten all about it. When we got back after a coffee and a bun he was just giving the sides a rub with polish while we loaded up from the car.

We slipped out of the wet dock and moored just above the railway arches to fit a few bit. Steve had refitted everything he had removed but I had removed aerials, horn, sockets etc. before we left her. Luckily I got all the holes in the roof bunged up before the rain. We decided to drop down to the moorings by the lift for the night, a couple of reasons, one its quieter and two it would produce a tank of hot water for the morning. The only down side was it decided to rain and it rained like it meant it for a couple of hours, well after we had moored up.

I am sorry to say tat due to the inclement weather there are no photos of Harnser's new paint work, but the colour scheme is just the same minus the rust and plus the shine.

Today's Journey

2 Miles 0 Locks in 0.5 hours

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