Tuesday 28 May 2019

Tusday 28 May 2019 Barnton Cut

Day : Tuesday
Date : 28 may 2019
Start : 1645
Finish : Barnton Cut

Well it must have rained most of the night and was still at it when we got up this morning, by 10am it was just fine drizzle, We did leave the mooring briefly at 10am as Steve was bringing his family down the lift so I went and took a few photos of them exiting but then we returned to the pontoons where I spent the rest of the day fitting door locks, outside 12 sockets and such like.

The Anderton trip boat was doing a good trade with several full boat loads going for a river trip and lift passage.

By quarter to five we had had enough, we could now see the floor in the lounge, the boat can be secured and the radio and TV work again so we pushed off to charge the batteries, just under an hour down to Saltersford lock and then back a bit to the Barnton visitor moorings.

Today's Journey

2½ Miles 0 Locks in 1 hours

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