Monday, 7 September 2020


Last nights diner came from Peninsular Cantonese Restaurant in Fazeley and I think we both agreed its the best oriental takeaway we have ever had. This morning we pushed off a little before 10 am just as it started to rain. This carried on until we reached Glascote locks where there was but of a queue. one waiting to go up and two in the pound above  which was a bit down. The boat ahead had the sense to wait until there was only one in the pound above and the top lock was drawn, this was more important for the boat following us as he was quite deep, so he locked up slowly while we cleared the top lock and turned it to give him a full pound. Once clear of the locks we met a steady stream coming towards up, while 5 boats locked up, nothing turned up to go down. We had a steady run to our marina where we found we have two new neighbours, Matt from the other side of the pontoon has gone and their is a boat in the same slot as us. With the reduced space I had bout 3” to spare reversing in. Next time I will turn and reverse down and into the slot. A quick bite of lunch and packed up we were away bat 1-30 pm and home by 5pm.

Todays Journey 4.5 miles, 2 locks in 2.25 36

Here is a list of the canals we have cruised on this trip doing some  334 locks, travelling for 165 hours and covering almost 320 miles, we were away for 36 days. We spent quite a bit of time on the BCN as can be seen by this map.full journey
Coventry Canal
Birmingham and Fazeley canal
Birmingham and Fazeley Digbeth Branch
Tame Valley Canal
Rushall Canal
BCN Daw End Branch
Wyrley and Essington Canal
BCN Main Line Wolverhampton Level
BCN Bradley Arm or Wednesbury Oak Loop
Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal
Stourbridge Canal
Stourbridge Town Arm
Stourbridge Extension Canal
Fens Branch
Dudley No.2 Canal
BCN Netherton Tunnel Branch
BCN New main Line
BCN Old Main Line
BCN Gower Branch
BCN Spon Lane Branch
BCN Titford Canal
River Severn
Droitwich Barge Canal
Droitwich Junction Canal
Worcester and Birmingham Canal
BCN Icknield Port Look
BCN Soho Loop
BCN Soho Branch
BCN Oozells Street Loop
BCN Old Wednesbury Canal
BCN Walsall Canal
BCN Walsall Town Arm
Grand Union
Grand Union Digbeth Branch


Nellie said...

Quite an adventure!! An enviable trip.

Dimitrios & Carine said...

Well done!
A wonderful trip...
We're also just back, in Droitwich Spa Marina.
Worcester-Birmingham, Severn, Gloucester-Sharpness, River Avon, South Stratford, Grand Union to Lower Heyford and back.

Mike Todd said...

And we will be back there tomorrow! Hopefully . . .

Unknown said...

That is fabulous! As a newcomer to the BCN, it always makes me feel so sad so few boats use these fantastic and historic canals. Great to hear of your trip!