Thursday, 7 October 2021

Home Mooring

 Yesterday afternoon the sun popped out for a bit, this was the result, a full rainbow. But it was quickly followed by heavy rain for most of the night.This morning we were away before 9-30Am for the 45 minute run back to the marina in fine weather. I was in no great hurry so at one point pulled over to allow a boat to pass, we did meet a couple of boats on the way before turning into the marina and dropping back to our slot.
Once everything was packed away and the car loaded  we visited to Marina Office, last time I was in here it was the function room bar above the pub, to pay our moorings for the next 12 months. Needless to say like most things its gone up a bit, then it was off home. We stopped for a bite to eat at Cambridge Service to find 8 Met Police Officers on their motorbikes parked up. No major incident, just stopping for lunch. 
The rest of the journey was a bit fraught as on the A11 the car decided it didn't want to play any more, I managed to coax it to Lidl's carpark in Wymondham and called the AA, who in turn delivered us and the car to Desera in Diss with another suspected blown injector From there friends kindly drove over and took us home.

Today boat  journey 2 miles, no locks in ¾  hour.

A map of the total trip.

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nb Chuffed said...

Expensive business, a blown injector injector! Finally after they had all been replaced we changed the car for a petrol one