Thursday 30 December 2021


As it was raining we waited until quarter to eleven to set off, we needn’t have bothered as by ten to eleven it was raining  but it only lasted half an hour or so and then brightened up. After about 200 yards we passed Autherley Junction with its stop lock, but we are not going Chester way today, we are goingDSCF6096 straight on. You can see from the clarity of the photograph how nice the weather was. It wasn’t long before we were going through the narrows, a section of hard rock where the navies excavated just enough for one boat to pass,DSCF6097 if of someone is coming the other way some has to wait, today there was nobody coming which was not really surprising.

DSCF6098By now the weather was brightening and we were soon going under the M54, I know its graffiti but I do think some of it is really good.

DSCF6101I have asked this question before but never received an answer. what use to stand on this spot, its the closest point the canal comes to the railway. (Yellow star on the map)

DSCF6102We stopped in Gailey to fill with water and were pleased to see that Gailey lock was with us, as was the next but then we came to an empty one but with a boat approaching from below, then surprise surprise we met another boat who had just left Rodbaston Lock but it was already too late for Diana to open the top gate without drawing the paddles, the bottom gates must be passing a lot of water considering what’s coming in through the top cill.

DSCF6105We considered mooring opposite the Otherton Marina but felt it was a touch to close to the motorway so we continued on to the 5 day moorings in Penkridge map 10

Today’s Journey 10½ miles 5 locks in 4¾ hours


Dorothy said...

Penkridge was where I started my love affair with the waterways, which has lasted a lot longer than the lover who introduced us!

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

It was our first ever canal boat holiday as well. It was the plan so maybe that is why our boating has never followed a plan