Monday 19 September 2022

Home Moorings

A nice quiet mooring but a few boats about early this morning including one coming on the waterpoint behind us. I was out at 9-30Am and the chap on the water point asked if we were about to leave as he would slip in our spot, so we ended up leaving earlier than planed. Nothing moving so I pushed off to reverse to the junction, immediately a boat appeared in front of me so I pulled over to the offside and waved him through. He in turn had words with the chap on the water point and decided to drop in for water, so I continued back into the junction putting my stern under the bridge so that we could head off home. We didn’t see another boat on the move all the way. Glascote locks were both against us and Diana walked forward and drew a paddle on the top lock, a kind dog walked opened the gates for me while Diana was still closing up the bottom lock.
Some of you will remember the old Canal Crafts shop in a shed on the canal bank in the owners garden, now long gone. Well the house has now been massively extended in all directions including up. The last photo I posted showed it all scaffolded with a temporary roof on it.DSCF7297


Of course there was no one watching as I reversed down and into out berth. We had just finished packing stuff into the car when it decided to rain, I only got a little bey wet locking up.

Todays Journeyimage

3½ miles, 2 lock in 2 hours

This trip we have done 330 miles 213 lock in 167 hours, you can see the whole trip on this mapimage

Or see the following google maps
Home to Chester
Chester to Llangollen
Llangollen to Birmingham
Birmingham Home

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