Friday 1 March 2024

Merry Hill

Got up for my normal wee in the middle of the night and it was bright moonlight but by early morning it was raining and blowing, the rain finally stopped about 10am so we were late getting away, but it didn’t matter as we didn’t have far to go.
We pushed off and made our way to Parkhead lock and junction. it looks as if the company on the junction have had a recent fire. It seems to happen a lot around Birmingham.DSCF8951

We dropped down Blowers Green Lock and were greeted by something I didn’t expect to see this time of the year, the canal covered, bank to bank with a green carpet of weed.DSCF8953

Its very early in the year for this to be around, its very thin, but is it a sign of things to come with problems like they had last year.DSCF8954

A short way before Merry Hill beside the Tata building there is this structure on the side of the canal, there is a similar one towpath side so I take it there was a cable across the canal at some point, but what was it for?DSCF8955

Once at Merry Hill we winded and reversed back under the bridge to see if any other boats were on the moorings along the towpath, but couldn’t see any one so moored opposite Weatherspoons, there are now 4 more boats here and one a long way up1709306831887the towpath, I was expecting to see about ten, but its still early.

Todays Journey image

4 miles, 1lock in 1½ hours

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nb Bonjour said...

The weed looks thin and green enough to be duckweed, we saw a lot on the old main line last year - it's only surface stuff. However, if it's azolla, it's much more bulky and builds up on the bow and probably needs reporting.
Good to see someone is cruising in this chilly wet weather!
best wishes