Thursday 29 February 2024

Windmill End

Last night we ate on board, just as well as it rained most of the evening and woke me several times in the night.
This morning was fine but overcast and not particularly cold. We had a boat chug by just before we set off to Factory Junction where we turned sharp right to go down the 3 Factory Locks.  For many years there was a narrowboat sitting in the yard by the top lock, since they have left the level of vandalism and fly tipping looks pretty horrendous. DSCF8949

The old Gauging Station is well on the way to being wrecked with half the roof now destroyed as well as the lean to building at the end. Another historic building left to rot. The top lock was against us but the other two were full and a passing dog walker kindly opened the gate on the bottom lock.
There is a sunken boat at right angles to the towpath a short way north of Caggy’s yard, its completely underwater. We carried on to Dudley Port Junction were we turned right  and headed towards Netherton tunnel. I stopped at the entrance and did a bit of gardening to the brambles that were hanging down from the parapet so hopefully now no one will get one in their face. Needless to say we were the only boat in the tunnel and once clear we made our way to the water point at the end of the visitor centre, would you believe there was already a boat there, we have seen 4  boats on the move all week and we  get to the water point and its in use. We didn’t have to wait long until he was finished. Once our tank was full we moved to the other side of the canal to moor for the night.

Todays Journey image

4¼ miles, 3 locks in 2½ hours

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