Monday, 23 February 2009

Mon 23 Feb Birstall to Zouch

We didn't set off until 10-30 as we walked into Birstall and did a bit of shopping first in very pleasant sun shine but a chilly wind. We travelled alone all day and only met two boat all day, both at Pilling's Lock, a Canal Time boat was about to leave as we arrived and as we left nb. Crystal Ball arrived. Pilling's Marina is advertising mooring vacancies. The flow on the river was again very slow which made travelling very easy. We stopped to fill with water at Barrow and after setting off I was caught out by the cross flow below the lock.  At Loughborough we turned left down the town arm, it's much better than last time we visited but still not that inviting. Before winding and leaving I had a quick trip down the weed hatch and I must say the water was a lot warmer than on the river yesterday. We carried on down stream to moor opposite The Rose and Crow at Zouch a few minuets to five where I had to "touch up" (don't ask) the rear left hand cants and gunwale.


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