Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday 22 Feb 09 Kilby Bridge to Birstall

The trains were OK last night but the geese made sure we didn't oversleep this morning. We set off at 8 am with a bit of sun and some very black clouds, however it kept dry all day for us. We had just moved off when I saw movement on the boat at the far end of the moorings so we had company for the day. It was nb. Pegasus and the chap on her had just bought her to live on from Ashby and was moving her home to Thurmaston Marina to become a liveaboard. Since he had owned the boat he has been longer stuck in the ice than cruising with three days at Trinity and another week at Norton Junction. As yesterday the locks were very mixed with some for us and some against with gates open, shut or somewhere in between. We only met 2 boats all day, a small cruiser below Leicester and a narrow boat waiting to enter Birstall Lock. We moored for the night just below Birstall Lock and went for a look around Birstall. It's quite a well equipped place with Fish & Chip shop, Chinese take a way, Indian restaurant and Take a way, DIY store,Discount Store, Bookies,nice looking butchers and health food store, taxi and a Somerfields , in addition to at least 3 pubs and 3 hairdressers.

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