Monday, 17 August 2009

The BCNS Explorer Cruise 2009


10 O'clock this morning we backed into the Basin and filled with water before heading on our way to Titford Pump House, the headquarters of the BCNS. We kept on the Wolverhampton Level all the way to Oldbury Junction where we caught up with the last four boats that had left before us. Here we turned a very sharp right and made our way up the 6 Crow locks, half way up John was waiting to lend a hand and some of the boaters who arrived earlier were waiting at other locks to help us on our way. Again we had been travelling with Jannock and once up the locks we carried on to Titford Pools at the top of the flight, here we winded and then headed slowly, it was the only way with the shallow water and rubbish to moor just above the railway bridge, below the bridge the rest are double moored all the way to the Pump House.
This is the end of the 2009 BCNS Explorer Cruise and tonight we will be saying our farewells  to new friend at the BBQ at the Pump House. Tomorrow will be the start of another journey, not home but to Stafford Boat Club.


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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Great news to hear you've finished the BCN Explorer cruise without too many problems.

I hope your trip to teh Stafford Boat Club goes well.