Thursday, 20 August 2009

Birmingham to Stafford Boat Club


Last night after dinner the water pump continued running when it should have stopped, we had run out of water. The gauge said 30% but it was telling porkies, it was empty. This morning I went out to find Graham's hose in our water filler and he was pumping water from his tank to ours.
We set off at 9 am. and almost immediately it started raining, this continued for most of the morning. At Botterham Staircase lock we caught up with the hire boat that had pulled away from the lock moorings of the previous lock just as we were coming out of the top gates. He was in the process of assisting a boat coming down the staircase  who was sitting on the bottom of the top chamber as he had somehow emptied both the top and bottom chambers together.
Between here and the Bratch flight a boat pulled out between Graham and myself, this meant Graham was stuck at the bottom of Bratch for an hour while three boats came down. We pushed on to Compton where we had a pump out at Lime Kiln boat yard and then backed through the bridge and waited for Graham to catch us up. Once he arrived we were off again looking for a quiet mooring for the night above Autherley Junction which we found a little after 1800 hrs by the golf driving range at Cross Green. As we sat on Jannock there was a loud bang as a golf ball bounced off the boat roof into the cut so this may not be the best weekend or afternoon mooring.

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