Saturday, 22 August 2009

Birmingham to Stafford Boat Club


We made an early start as at 8 am as we thought it would take the best part of 8 hours to get there. As I untied Harnser I noticed yet another golf ball laying about 6 inches from the boat. This mooring was very quiet but I would not suggest mooring there to early in the day.
The day started fine but we soon had some very heavy showers which lead to my shorts getting wet through. The first lock we arrived at was Gailey where there was a queue and we were forth in line. We met boats quite regularly as we headed down the canal which was without incident until we reached Shutt Hill Lock where Graham lost his footing on the wet stone and slipped into the canal just above the top gates, luckily he was not hurt and managed to scramble out with help.
By the time we reached the Stafford Boat Club the sun was out and Andrew was waiting to direct us to our mooring, this was the first bay inside the basin so that it was east for Magic to get on and off. We moored up at 3 15 pm so the journey had only taken us seven and a quarter hours, it also meant that Diana's new slow cooker had to be turned off a little bit early, even so her first attempt at using it produced a very enjoyable dinner.
We will remain at the boat club for the weekend and then make our way to the IWA National Festival at Redhill on Monday.

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