Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tuesday 7 Sept 2010 Coventry Basin

Yesterday evening it was raining when we arrived and was raining even harder when we went to bed. When I woke at about 3 this morning , the wind had died right away and the sky had cleared with the stars peeping out.

This morning we woke to sunshine and after a walk into the village we set off at 10 am. Most of the boats between us and the BW yard had departed by then and one or two ex-working boats had been by including the historic pleaser Narrowboats Elisabeth.
The weather was fine for most of the day and we met lots of boats coming towards us including Monarch towing a butty on cross straps who we met on a bend with a large weeping willow which made it very difficult to see them.
We topped up with water at Hawkesbury Junction before heading off down to Coventry Basin, well into the city centre. DSCF4781 Two boats passed just as we were about to leave the water point who also headed to the city and just ahead of them a boat came out from the Oxford canal who also went that way, so now there were 4 of us heading for the end.  We moored in the Basin at about 4 pm to find the place almost full including 2 boats from our moorings. There is room for just one more boat now and that will require another one moving along.

Once moored we went for a short walk round the area finding the Transport Museum and Weatherspoon public house.

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