Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday 10 October 2010 Braunston

We had a good drive to the boat taking just over 3 hours with very little traffic. Once at the moorings we pushed just on 2 pm. and moved down to the lock to load up as the lock filled. Just as the lock filled another boat came down the cut and as we had not completed loading I gave them the lock, mistake, we met about 5 boats in the flight and were still waiting for them to exit the bottom lock.
The weather was wonderful with warm sunshine right through until sunset. Or plan was to moor in Braunston and go to The Boathouse to eat as we thought that would be the only place doing food on a Sunday evening, we even considered mooring to their moorings right outside the pub, however Braunston was packed solid and the first and only mooring we found was almost at the bottom lock by the second marina entrance. The Elsan tip and the water point in the centre of Braunston is out of order and I tried to moor there but there was insufficient length as another boat was already right by the taps.
There are one or two ex working boats moored in the village ready for the Jam Hole run.
We finally moored at 6-30 pm. and I have just heard that Guy and Connie will be picking us up at the bottom lock when the Archers finish.

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