Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fradley Saturday 25 October 2014

We finally got to the boat after being stuck on the A14 for three quarters of an hour due to an accident at the Cambridge Services road junction. It hard to believe that it is possible to have two rows of stationary vehicles including caravans and trucks on the A14 and still get a police car and two fire engines along the middle at about 30 mph.

We left the marina just on 3 PM. turning right towards Fradley Junction. The canal was deserted until I rounded the bend about half way to Woodend Lock where I caught up with a hire boat going slower than my tick over speed, thankfully after a while he let me passed.

As we approached Woodend Lock a boater coming up opened the top gate ready for me. As he was single handing Diana stayed behind to close up behind him. The lock cottage that was empty last time we passed, we were told due to the HS2 rail route is now occupied once again.

We met boats at both of the next locks as well which eased our passage. Despite the notices warning that the foot bridge at Fradley Junction will be locked, it doesn’t look as if work has even started yet installing the fixings.

We filled with water by the visitor moorings, there were only three boats on the mooring but as it was still fine we pushed on to Bridge 90 where we have moored for the night, we are probably two feet from the piling and hard aground, we know its deeper further along as we have stopped here before, but they are all full.

As I type this at 1915 hrs. the fireworks have just started, but at least next doors genny has just stopped.

The reason for this journey is to attend the BCNS firework and AGM weekend at the Engine Arm in Birmingham.

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