Monday 2 January 2017

Church Minshull Monday 2 January 2017

Firstly I would like to say hi, to the couple with the black Lab who chatted to Diana at Hurleston this morning and read our blog. I hope you enjoy your stay at Kings Bromley Marina, we thought it was a good place to stay.

What a different day to wake up to. It was still below freezing when we set off at 10 am. It wasn’t overly cold overnight but it had been below zero since late evening so the outside of the boat was icy where it had been wet, including the roof and gunwales one side.

We stopped at the water point at the top of the Hurleston Locks to top the tank up, you never know when you are likely to get stuck for a few days in this weather. While we were there a hire boat came past which resulted in the 4 Hurleston locks being set against us when we set off. The views from the top of the locks with the bright blue sky were fantastic.DSCF6660

This is the reason the Llangollen canal rarely freezes over, this constant flow of water into Hurleston Reservoir, I think it is now the main drinking water supply for Chester, but when it was first built it was to maintain the water level in Shropshire Union canal. DSCF6658 At the bottom of the flight we turned left along the Shropshire Union canal as far as Barbridge Junction where we turned sharp right down the Middlewich Arm, It was here that we uncounted our first real ice on the canal this winter. Luckily for us it had been well broken but the buts were about 5mm thick, not thick enough to stop us but I was still pleased it was someone else's blacking that did the deed. As I waited for Cholmondeston Lock to fill I was entertained by this little chap on the lock side.DSCF6661

There was quite a bit of traffic about, much more than we have seen moving over the last few days. Venetian marina was looking very full with most of its ice undisturbed. Passing Nannies Bridge I gave a blast on the horn for Peter to come out and wish us Happy New Year. Funny old place the cut, some people you will only see once a year, maybe less but you still consider them friends. At bridge 11 Diana hopped off the boat to walk to Church Minshull, two reasons, firstly she likes a walk and secondly to see if the Badger was serving food tonight. I continued and could see DSCF6663the bridge where she would cross the river (centre of the photo) as she made her way  to the village. I moored at bridge 14 and waited for her return via the road. last time we visited the pub we took the footpath from bridge 11 but thought it may be a bit squidgy tonight, so we will chance the room and traffic instead.

Today’s Journey   map 157 miles 6 locks 2 junctions and 3 canals in 3¾ hours.

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