Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Barbridge Inn Tuesday 2 July 2019

Day : Tuesday
Date : 2 July 2019
Start : 1100
Finish : 1535 https://what3words.com/grumbles.never.refilled

It was even cooler this morning. We delayed our departure so that we would still be cruising when the bread was baking in the bread machine.

There was quite a bit of traffic about and we soon caught up with a slow boat, luckily he turned at the next winding hole, when we arrived at Minshull lock to a very small queue, only 3 of us. Above the lock CRT have been repiling the towpath edge by the lock moorings. As we left the lock they took one of their work boats down.DSCF1630

There were quite a few boats moored between Minshull and Cholmondeston Lock with boats winding and generally milling about. There were two Volockies working the lock and again a very small queue, this time I had to wait for a boat to come down as well.

Above the lock we stopped for water, this waterpoint is not easily spotted and someone has painted on the grass saying "Mooring For Water Point Only " in large letters. The tap was quite slow and we had time to have lunch before the tank was full. As we approached Barbridge Junction we could see a large crane in the distance, thisDSCF1632

turned out to be the new housing estate on the site of the old Jolly Tar pub, the pub sign is still there.DSCF1633

At the junction we turned left and passed The Barbridge Inn, continuing for a few hundred yards through the bridge to where the canal is wide enough to wind, we turned there and mad our way back to the pub, mooing by their garden as we plan to go for a meal there tonight. We went in and booked a table but as is our luck here, at 1930 hr they have a party of 16, so our table is booked for 2015hrs.

Today's Journeymap 03

8 Miles 2 Locks in 4 hours

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