Monday, 1 July 2019

Middlewich Branch SU Monday 1 July 2019

Day : Monday
Date : 1 July 2019
Start : 1050
Finish : 1630

Yesterday afternoon a fourth boat arrived and moored outside the far end boat, it turned out the owner was taking a friend out for a Birthday surprise and they stopped to cut the cake which was in the shape of a Narrowboat, although they had a boat full they still had too much cake so we were all invited to help them eat it before they set off to Middlewich to drop the friend back home.

Although we have moored here before I have never noticed that the benches are made by HM Prison service using wood reclaimed from lock gates.DSCF1620

Overnight the temperature dropped dramatically and we were woken by the rain but it didn't last long, but this morning it was only 15 deg C. a big change. We were away just before 11 AM and as we approached Middlewich a boat caught up with us, the plan was to fill with water below Big Lock but there was a boat already there, however there was a single boat in Big Lock so we joined them. Whilst in the lock I noticed two things, One CRT have done nothing about improving access to the offside of the lock, the bridge closed back in February and two, the lease on The Big Lock pub is up for sale.

We arrived at the second waterpoint seconds behind a boat coming the other way who also wanted water, we waited ¾ hour while he filled his tank. As we left a boat came down the lock and there were two volockies working the flight so we had a good run up. At Middlewich Junction we turned right into the 164 foot Wardle Canal, the shortest canal in the country.DSCF1621

While we were having lunch a single handed boat went by and surprise, surprise when we reached Stanthorne Lock the top gate was wide open, not only that but a family of swans had decided to move in. It took quite a bit of shoo'ing and coaxing to persuade them to leave before we could turn the lock.DSCF1624

We continued on to the 48 hr moorings overlooking the Weaver flashes where we moored for the night, since we have been here, we were the second boat to moor it has filled up. I am pleased to say that the weather picked up this afternoon and after mooring we spent a bit of time putting the seat together again on the front deck, we gave it an overhaul while the boat was being painted. DSCF1627

Today's Journeymap 02

5½ Miles 6 Locks in 4 hours

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