Friday, 5 July 2019

Tarporley Friday 5 July 2019

Day : Friday
Date : 5 July 2019
Start : 1215 hrs
Finish : 1700 hrs

Last night we ate at the Turkish Restaurant Meze we have eaten here before a couple of times and the place has been busy, last night it was dead, with only 4 of us in there. Afterwards we went for a short wander around and saw very few people, most restaurants were almost empty but a lot of people sleeping in shop doorways.

This morning we did a bit of shopping, books and jigsaws from charity shops, and there are plenty to chose from before setting off just after mid day. We had seen a boat go up earlier so as expected the first lock was against us, but then things looked up with a boat coming towards us, so the gate was left open. The next lock had a hire boat in it so we went in when they came down, by now there were two moor waiting to come down and they helped work the lock. Passing The Bridge Inn the revellers from the Wake have all gone, there are still flower tributes in the pub and this one to "Speedy" floating in the canal, its constructed on empty water bottles.DSCF1675 At Broughton we had a good view of the cricket ground, looks as if it was a school sports day or something, definitely not cricket.DSCF1677

We caught up with the boat ahead at Greenfield lock and he offered to wait at the next lock, our last lock of the day so we shared that.

As the day has gone on the weather has got hotter, it started cool but this afternoon the sun was beating down. We passed this shed that seems to have lost its rigidity a bit. DSCF1681

Diana steered past the Golden Nock Moorings and timed it, 40 minutes end to end. We carried on to moor almost opposite the Shady Oak pub, we managed to find a space on the 48hr mooring, why do boaters not use the very end ring on a mooring, never mind the gaps.

Today's Journey map 06

10 Miles 5 Locks in 4¾ hours

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