Friday, 29 November 2019

Fazeley Friday 29 Nov 2019

Day : Friday
Date : 29 November 2019
Start : 1400 hrs
Finish : 1545 hrs. Fazeley Junction

We didn't have a bad run to the boat, a couple of hold-ups in the road works but otherwise OK, no rain and a very low sun. Once at the boat the first job was to get the water on again. I never use to drain down until Christmas, but a few years back it was a rushed trip to Napton in yucky weather when we had a sudden cold snap so now its October drain down. I only needed to open the tank valve and switch the pump on to refill. We soon had the car unloaded but the temperature in the boat was three degrees below the outside temperature so getting the heating on was well up on the agenda. After a quick sandwich on deck, it was warmer in the sun we were off, out of the marina and turn left to Fazeley junction. The sun was getting very low by now and there was still frost on the grass in places, we only met one boat and a quick shouted greeting as we had met before and on to Glascote Locks. The top one was full which speeded things along. Steve Hudson's old basin, now run by Sarah Edgson is packed full of boats for the winter. The second lock was empty and required filling, The lock cottage on the offside now has sold signs up, I wonder when the new owners will move in. We carried on over the aqueduct and through the junction to moor for the night opposite the old BW/CRT offices for the night. By the time we had moored up the lounge temperature was up to 18° and now its up to 23° and the roof is covered with ice, its freezing fog out there tonight.

Today's Journeymap 01 6 Miles 2 Locks in 1¾ hours.

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