Saturday, 28 December 2019

Coventry Basin Saturday 28 December 2019

Day : Saturday
Date : 28 December 2019
Start : 1030
Finish : 1545 Coventry Basin

A much brighter day and the thermometer said it was warmer, but it didn't feel that way.
One of the tasks today was to fill up with water again so we stopped just passed the A5 road bridge to top up, all the taps we have used on this canal have all had good pressure. I think I have seen more Canal Company boundary markers along this canal than anywhere. The company set them in the ground on the off side to show how much land they owned beside the canal, in some cases all this land has eroded and now the canal bank is the boundary.

DSCF3183   DSCF3202

The very last mile marker can be found at Marston Junction where the Ashby joins the Coventry and as expected it indicates 0/30.DSCF3206

Once on the Coventry canal we turned left, a bit tighter than 90° and due to taking the photo I wasn't on the best line, still we got round. I better give Christine a mention as she was hanging the washing out as we passed and invited us in for a cup of tea, We refused her kind offer as it would have meant we wouldn't have made our destination this evening.

The excitement of the day came at Charity Wharf, first there were clouds of billowing thick smoke and then just as I was into the bend I saw a boat coming the other way, with boat double moored on the bend I think it was the bow riding against the build up of silt that prevented us actually touching as we came round. The fire turned out to be a bonfire in a large metal container.

At Hawkesbury Junction we sailed straight on, under the bridge DSCF3207 with the metal swans heading for Coventry basin. There are a lot of new houses since I came this way last and a lot more being built, DSCF3211 not only that the canal on the whole was an awful lot cleaner probably thanks to the canal society who works very hard clearing the rubbish that people just discard. When we arrived at the basin there were probably half a dozen boats moored there so we winded and slid backwards into what use to be the Excellence Afloat moorings for the night.

Today's Journeymap 0716 Miles 0 Locks in 5¼ hours.

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