Thursday, 26 December 2019

Shackerstone Thursday 26 December

Day : Thursday
Date : 26 December 2019
Start : 1000
Finish : 1530 Shackerstone

Well the weather today was somewhat different to yesterday, dull, overcast, cool and light rain, not the most pleasant conditions to be boating in.

We set off for the end of navigation, the far side of Snarestone tunnel. The canal is actually a bit longer than this as the Ashby Canal Association have a bit more in water, but to access that there is a swing bridge and we are to long to wind at the end, so we winded before the swing bridge, had a chat with Mike who is now the resident manager before mooring on the visitor mooring for lunch.

Before we reached the tunnel, which although it wide, it is notDSCF3187 wide enough for two boats to pass and also it is not quite straight, we had to pass under Gopsall Wharf bridge, The parapet of this bridges was knocked off some time ago and its still awaiting repair.DSCF3185

The Ashby canal Association decided a long time ago to install mile posts that they have had made all the way from the terminus at Moira and Marston Junction, a distance of 30 miles, each post shows the distance from each end but some has decided that the end is actually Snarestone and has defaced the three posts south of there to show 1, 2 and 3 miles.DSCF3189

After lunch we did walk to the end of the restored section at Faulks Bridge and back, the restored section now looks very established.
As you can see by this map from Waterway Routes the restored canal will have to deviate from its original route quite soon.ashby proposed map

There were 4 boats came down and winded while we were moored up and we followed the forth one back to Shackerstone where we both moored for the night in almost the same spot as last night.

Today's Journeymap 057½ Miles 0 Locks in 3 hours.

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