Friday, 20 March 2020

B&F Bottom of Curdworth Locks

last night we had an Indian Takeaway from Ratna. Their prices have gone up a bit since last time we had a meal from there and we are not sure their adding up is spot on. However the food was great.

This morning was a late start at 11 am. as I attempted to make a few Phone calls, Our holiday to Ireland has been cancelled so I had to organise a refund and also order heating oil for home. Just passed the Polesworth mining centre  we past a Kingfisher sitting on a twig over the canal, didn’t see him until we were level so no chance of a photo. Passing the marina at Alvecote we saw that there are now two eggs in the Swans nest and both Swans were on site. We continued on to the top of Glascote Locks where we stopped for lunch, left over Indian and home made soup. As we arrived we could see a boat going down the locks ahead of us, so we had that to look forward to this afternoon. I also noticed that the Ipad had not been plotting our route so no marked from Polesworth to Glascote.

After lunch we set off down the two Glascote locks and carried on to Fazeley Junction where I made a real pigs ear of the turn up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal. Thankfully I didn’t hit the glass wall.

We were delayed slightly at Fazeley Mill Marina, I could see  well in advance that a boat was reversing out and having trouble turning so we waited for him to get sorted then when level with the marina entrance a boat came backwards through Coleshill Road Bridge and then passed a moored boat, so we held well back and waited for him. It was then a straight run to the winding hole just before Curdworth Bottom Lock where we winded before mooring for the night.

Todays Journey 10.2 miles in 4 hours with 2 locksMap 02

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