Saturday, 21 March 2020


Thankfully the geese slept late but the moorhens came for breakfast on the hull. We pushed off at 1030 back to Fazeley Junction where I made a better job of the turn, before stopping to fill with water. Once that was done we headed up the Coventry Canal for a few miles. CRT have cut back some of the offside vegetation but not done such a thorough job as they have elsewhere, so in places there are still things sticking out. The down side is they cut the overhanging branches from the Damson tree in Hopwas.DSCF3306

Just through Hopwas village a sight you don’t see very often, two horses being ridden up the towpath, DSCF3307they then crossed the bridge into Hopwas wood.DSCF3308

A little further on and a steam train with just one coach went north, by the time I had the camera ready the line was obscured by the bushes.

We winded at Tamhorn Farm Bridge and made our way back to Fazeley for the night. The woods in Hopwas are carpeted with small white flowers.DSCF3309

Todays Journey 13.3 Miles in 4.45 hours.Map 03

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