Thursday, 19 March 2020

Polesworth Thursday 19 March 2020

This is my first attempt at Blogging since I loaded Windows 10 so we will se how it goes.

We had a good run to the marina with fewer holdups on the A14 than in past trips, for some reason the M6 had a 60 MPH speed limit for miles for no apparent reason in very light traffic. Needles to say it started raining on the way and we still doing it lightly when we arrived at the boat.

I was a bit worried as we hadn’t visited the boat since of Christmas Trip and we have had several storms since then, at some point our stern rope had rubbed through where it passed through the mooring chain, but someone had kindly remoored us which was appreciated. Everything else was fine.

Once onboard the water system was refilled, the two solar panels had done a good job keeping the domestic batteries full and the engine started first shot. Buy the time we had eaten a bit of lunch and were ready to go the rain had stopped, so at 1415 we were away. A swan has made a nest right at the marina entrance, there was just a singe egg in the nest when we passed, I wonder if there will be more when we return.

Leaving the marina we turned right and had a steady run to Grendon where we winded and returned to Polesworth for the night. We saw a few boats on the move including friends of our being towed which was a surprise, but passing by we were unable to get any details.

We only did 8 miles which took us 2 hours and 20 minute, enough to warm the boat for tonight as we will be having an Indian Takeway onboard.Map 01

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Ann Street said...

Glad you are boating again. have a good trip