Monday, 19 April 2021


 It's been another cracking day, but boy was it cold overnight. It was a bit of a surprised to be able to hear the motorway in the distance. When we moored up there was just three of us, overnight that had gone up to seven. 10am. this morning we were away down to Hawkesbury Junction were we turned hard back on ourselves on the North Oxford canal. We did see a few more boats on the move but not as many as we expected.  The offside buoys have been removed in the cutting just before All Oaks Wood but there has been a good landslide towpath side since we were last this way.

The moorings at All Oaks were full as expected but we were heading to Brinklow Marina, this has recently been bought by Castle Marinas and they are spending quite a bit of cash bringing it up to 
standard. After thanking Dave for taking the trouble for showing us round we set off again to moor overnight at Newbold, where we were lucky enough to get the last set of mooring rings. When I checked the phone we had received texts about our second covid injections with a link to make an online appointment. Needless to say the links didn't work, so I rang the surgery and they booked us in for Saturday afternoon.
The injections sorted we decided to go for a short walk, it started well but we were soon lost and had to retrace our steps several times making it quite late getting back for dinner.

Todays journey 13.5 miles, one  very small lock in five and a half hours, but we probably spent three quarters of an hire at the marina. Map curtesy of Waterways Routes.

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